Aminata Kamara


I was born and raised in South East London with my mum, grandma and two younger siblings. I moved over to Leicester in 2008 to start my University degree in Drama Studies. The original plan was to complete my degree and go back to London, but I somehow got lured into the warming charms of Leicester, and I’ve never looked back!

In July 2011 I completed my BA Honours degree with a 2.1 in Drama. During that time I also completed a level one certificate in British sign language . I also became very involved in my church and started leading sessions with the young people aged 3- 17.

Once I completed my degree I decided to do a Masters straight after, again in Drama. This gave me the opportunity to develop my research into contemporary performance, and focus upon the types of theatre I wanted to explore. I chose to look into the ways race and culture was explored in performance and how this reflected upon people of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) heritage.

I decided to take my explorations one step further and write a play about some of my findings. In March 2012 I staged my first play called I am Marley. This play looked into issues of transracial adoption, and was based upon interviews I conducted with social workers, adoptive parents and transracially adopted people. I then auditioned for actors and directed the play from start to finish. During that time I applied for the Curve Young Arts Entrepreneurs project (YAE) which enabled me to turn my creative ideas into a business model, that will function not just as a theatre company but an enterprise. am Marley then gradually became part of this larger idea.

Now, five months later, Unidentified Drama has been birthed. The company is a social enterprise, dedicated to delivering quality performances, workshops, conferences and public events that will challenge perspectives and provoke discussions about controversial topics. The company’s social mission is to enable positive social and cultural development for the individuals and communities it encounters. The I am Marley Project is just one aspect of the full vision for the company.

As well as establishing the company I have been working part time as a sessional worker for Kaine Management, leading workshops in schools and youth clubs in and around Leicester. My future ambitions are to develop Unidentified Drama and start up my own drama school that will work with disadvantaged children, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills through a fun and interactive platform.

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